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Self-Care Training

ITIM provided  our evidence-based training curriculum for the training of nearly 100 teachers in Kurdistan, Iraq. The teachers learned the knowledge and skills to apply self-care in their lives. Self-care practices supports their physical, emotional, and social health so they can continue to support students despite continued stress.   

You can think about self-care like this: when the battery in our mobile phone dies, we have to recharge it. When the petrol runs out in the car, we need to refill it. We try to charge the battery or fill the petrol before it runs out completely. We should do the same thing for our mind and body. Self-care are the things we do that gives us charge, gives us fuel.
— Participant in Self-Care Course







Trauma-Informed Interviewing

ITIM's expert international team trained over 150 lawyers from the Iraqi Bar Association in the principles of trauma-informed interviewing. Trauma-informed interviewing is an evidence-based approach which recognizes the effects of psychological trauma and equips professionals with the skills to empower people to provide more consistent and comprehensive information.


For a limited time, we are excited to share our evidence-based training materials on self-care and trauma-informed interviewing.