What We Do

The Institute of Trauma-Informed Media equips media professionals with the innovative knowledge and skills to create restorative products with those that have experiences of psychological trauma and conflict. By applying evidence-based research from the fields of medicine and psychology to the art of media, we facilitate media professionals to ethically engage with individuals, communities, and the global audience in a manner that offers a restorative and healing experience while simultaneously contributing to a product with greater consistency and depth. 



We offer the following services: 

Training and skill building

The expert team of trainers at ITIM offer skill building opportunities ranging from workshops to comprehensive capacity building initiatives. We present evidence-based trainings for media professionals including journalists, communication specialists, photojournalists, filmmakers, and documentarians. These are catered to be culturally and contextually relevant, as well as, to facilitate the practical applications of these innovative skills. 



ITIM comes alongside teams, projects, organizations, and companies to support the implementation of a trauma-informed approach in their work. This can range from integrating trauma-informed practices into a film's production plan, training an organization's team to train others in trauma-informed principles, or offering logistical support to facilitate ethical engagement with individuals and communities in the region. 

The Institute of Trauma-Informed Interpretation

ITIM recognises that interpreters, translators, and fixers are often key contributors to projects. Therefore, we have a branch of ITIM called the Institute of Trauma-Informed Interpretation (ITII). The expert team of trainers at ITII offer an international certification training program for these professionals. It equips them with the skills to apply the international professional standards of this field and a trauma-informed approach to their work. We maintain a network of certified interpreters, translators, and fixers which can serve as a resource to any team. Learn more about this here.



ITIM serves as a production house for select productions that require a high  level of expertise in a trauma-informed approach. 



MAY 2018

"I wish I had known these things sooner"

Sarah Tesla - Canadian Documentary Photographer 





Our partnerships are the foundation of our work at ITIM. We are honoured to come alongside local and international organizations,  companies, and media outlets to support their activities with ITIM's innovative expertise. Click here to see this month's featured partner.

Click here to see this month's featured partner